I am so blessed to have the opportunity to travel the world! For our honeymoon, we spent two weeks in Europe exploring London, Paris, Switzerland, Venice and Rome. I’ve also been to most of the Caribbean on girls’ trips with my besties!


Broadway Musicals

When I’m not listening to an audio book, I’m singing along to soundtracks at the top of my lungs. In the car, doing laundry, cooking dinner… you name it! We’ve seen so many over the years! Living so close to DC helps! We have season tickets to the National Theater or the Kennedy Center (depending on the lineup). This year we get to see Hamilton for a second time! Gah!


Reality Television

This is my guilty pleasure. I hate to admit it, but I love watching it! My whole family does, actually! I get together with my mom, my sister, and my best friend every Monday to watch Bachelor/Bachelorette. And, of course, I turn into an expert dancer/chef/game player whenever I watch…


Ice cream… brownies… macaroons… cannolis… wedding cake! I’m a sucker for anything SWEET!


Board Games

There’s just something about gathering as a group and escaping into another world for a while. Board games allow me to do that. We have a range of games, from beginner to advanced. They live in our “Harry Potter Closet.” We even live near a board game bar! Yes, beyond stoked that it’s close and it’s even a thing!



Seriously. I have one in my purse, one in my car, one in my classroom, and one in almost every room in our house. You never know when you’ll need it and there’s nothing worse than having to get up off the couch to find one!