Don & Karin | Married!

I remember my Dad calling in February and saying "Karin and I just got back from vacation and we got engaged while we were there," as if it was no big deal. What?! You're engaged?! That's amazing!

About a month later, my Dad called to ask if I was available on the date they were considering. After confirming my schedule, I told him Sean and I would happily make the trip to Michigan for the wedding! A few days later, he called again to ask if I would consider taking their wedding photos. Would I consider it? Oh my goodness, I'd be honored!!! I was so excited!! Then he told me about the venue - the Toledo Zoo - and I got even more excited!

Karin and Dad - your wedding was beautiful (despite Dad forgetting the rings at the hotel and Sean saving the day...) and I'm so, so happy to call Karin family! Thank you for allowing me to capture these memories for you!

Here are a "few" - ok, maybe more than a few - of my favorites. See their whole gallery here!


Karin told me she didn't want the "typical" wedding dress. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love! It's absolutely stunning! And, she looked amazing in it! Perfectly classy and elegant, with a little touch of FUN at the bottom.

One of my new favorite dress photos!

What happens when a Cleveland Indians fan marries a Detroit Tigers fan? ...You might not want to be in the house when the two teams play each other! But I love the way Karin's garter supported both teams! You'll see this in their cake topper, too!

To maximize their portrait time, Dad and Karin decided to have a First Look. You can read more about why I love First Looks here.

Ceremony time! The guys weren't nervous at all!

My niece was excited to walk down the aisle. That is, until she actually had to do it...

Karin and her brother


The venue's Wedding Coordinator told us at the beginning of the day we could take portraits near the carousel but probably wouldn't be able to actually get on it. We passed by on our way to the reception and she opened it up for us! So glad she did!

One more stop before the reception - this incredible amphitheater!

A few more details.

Party time!