Nellie & Geoff | Married!

Nellie and I taught 2nd grade together last year and I will never forget the morning she announced her engagement! Is there a word the means more than excited? Because that's how we all felt for Nellie - beyond excited! She is such an incredible woman and we were so happy that Geoff had finally sealed the deal!

When Nellie and I met for coffee to discuss photography for her wedding, I asked her to tell me about Geoff, as I had not met him yet. She instantly lit up and couldn't stop smiling! She told me Geoff was the guy who made everyone feel better about themselves. He makes people feel comfortable, he makes people laugh, and he is an all-around, top-notch guy. I told Nellie that was how I would describe her to people, and that made me believe they were 100% perfect for each other.

Nellie & Geoff made sure their wedding was meaningful. They invited those closest to them and hired local vendors and small businesses, including the mayor as their officiant! How cool is that?! Their go-with-the-flow personalities and their obviously love for each other made this wedding an absolute dream!

How gorgeous is this backyard?!

Nellie's daughters helping her get ready was about the sweetest thing I've ever seen!

There aren't enough words to describe how much I ADORE these next few images!

As you can see, I had to work really hard to help Geoff loosen up. I mean, he was just so stiff and uptight...