Customizing Your Experience!

I don't really care for coffee (I know!) but every now and again I crave a little extra caffeine. Because I don't like the taste, however, I usually end up trying to hide the coffee flavor and I ended up creating my own flavor.

So, I stopped to get my Cookies and Cream Frappuccino - as I've named it - and, as I ordered, the chipper young man behind the counter said to me, "I've never heard anyone order anything like this. Way to customize your experience!" I was somewhat startled by his response but I couldn't quite understand why.

That's when it hit me. As consumers, we aren't often praised for 'straying' from the menu. It's usually seen as an inconvenience or as being "picky."

Well, I'm here to say I commend those who know what they want/need and go after it, even if it's a custom-designed coffee beverage! It's also why I offer flexible, customizable Wedding Collections for my couples.

By booking with me, you aren't just investing in photos. I like to provide an EXPERIENCE and tell your STORY through images. How could I do that effectively if I didn't allow you to tell it how you want to tell it?

So, tell me your story, your way and enjoy customizing your experience every day!