Welcome to the New Blog!

Last year was a great year for JKP! I met some awesome new people and had the chance to spend time with amazing couples! I am so blessed!

As the new year came around - and tax information was being gathered! - I decided that this year needed to be even better! But how in the world would I manage that?

I decided it was time to give back to myself and my business. The first step was upgrading my website. There was nothing wrong with my old site, necessarily, except for one major flaw: it would not open on Apple devices. Yikes! That's a big problem! So I set off on a search to find something that was professional, clean, modern, and flexible. Oh, and affordable, too!

After a few weeks, a lot of trial and error building my site over and over again on different platforms, and advice from other photographers in the area, I decided to build my new home here. Welcome!

I'm so excited to move forward with this space and share all that JKP has to offer with you. I hope you enjoy!

Making Your Memories Last

Making Your Memories Last

Justin and Mary, an incredible husband and wife team based in CT, recently shared a great piece of wisdom on their What's Next Tour: "62.5 years from now, the grandchildren won't care about who you were, they will care about the photos you left behind." While I'm not sure that's entirely true, the basic message is. Photographs tell a story. Make sure your story lives on when you're not here to tell it.

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