The Best Part of Collaborating... having a little fun afterwards. What started as a collaboration for a print ad in Brides Magazine, may or may not have ended in a small Facebook prank involving photos of these two lovelies in wedding attire...

One of the reasons I love Facebook so much is how easy it makes it to keep in touch with people I don't see regularly. Tiffany and I went to high school together and I'll admit... I totally Facebook stalk her page and drool over the cakes she makes! She's seriously amazing! So when she contacted me about collaborating on an ad she was placing, I was all in, no hesitation!

We discussed logistics of where and when, and I'm so glad she trusted me and went with my suggestion, even though it seemed absolutely crazy at the time! The best part about this shoot? Tiffany - the one who made the cake we're photographing - was going to be the Bride in the photos! Gah! She partnered with Amy's Bridal Boutique in Woodbridge, VA for her stunning gown and convinced a friend of hers to stand in as a Groom. Off we went! It was a pretty blustery day, but we worked through and I'm so, so happy with the results!

Below are some of my favorites from our shoot in DC. And check out the February/March 2014 issue of Brides Magazine to see the print ad!