Making Your Memories Last

I offer three different Wedding Collections and two of them include albums.  Albums are an important part of your Wedding Day photography because they are the best way to make your memories last. You should absolutely have your favorites put on canvas and display them in your home for your guests to admire but, unless you have a HUGE house, you couldn't possibly do that with every photo you like. That's where your album comes in!  When you want to show off how beautiful you looked and brag about the centerpieces/bouquets/invitations, etc. you made or show off the killer shoes you wore, you don't want to pull out a CD, turn on the computer, wait for it to load and click through files. How impersonal! Plus, most new computers are being made without a disc drive! Yikes!

Pull out your album and relive your Big Day all over again!

My albums are printed with your choice of cover (this is black leather)...

...and are lay-flat, press-printed pages. That means your pages are THICK...

...and will lay flat with no middle gutter. Images may be printed full-page with no warping!

I design albums with one thought in mind: make the photos the star. I don't add clip art or text to jumble up the page. I don't want anything to distract from your beautiful images.

Once the initial album design is completed, you'll receive a link to view it online. You'll be able to make comments and suggest changes if needed. Once it's perfect, it will be on your doorstep in a few weeks.


So, when booking your Wedding Photographer, please please please consider investing a little extra and having an album to tell your story. Justin and Mary  (an incredible husband and wife team based in CT) recently shared a great piece of wisdom on their What's Next Tour: "62.5 years from now, the grandchildren won't care about who you were, they will care about the photos you left behind." While I'm not sure that's entirely true, the basic message is. Photographs tell a story. Make sure your story lives on when you're not here to tell it.